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Go Back to the Future with Metro by Hoyts Retro Screenings!

Audiences who grew up with these films can relive them, and a whole new generation can now enjoy the best of the pop culture classic films at Metro by HOYTS.

Where: Metro only
When: Ongoing

Discover the French Cinema with the Alliance Française Auckland at Berkeley Cinemas Takapuna.

Where: Takapuna only
When: Ongoing


Feel the need... The need for speed in 3D at HOYTS.

Where: Takapuna, Botany Downs, Hibiscus Coast, Riccarton, Sylvia Park, Te Awa & Wairau Park
When: 6 December at 6.30pm


Was EXHILARATING, "Seat of Your Pants" "Hair on Fire" Movie when I saw it 20 something years ago. Along with the numerous times I've seen it since. Now seen it in 3D, WOW! Was like being there on the flight deck of the Aircraft Carrier. Pure "Hard Dick My Ass, We Nailed That Son Of A B...." Movie....
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