Despicable Me 2

Parental Guidance
Despicable Me 2


  • Low level violence
  • Pierre Coffin, Chris Renaud
  • Steve Carell, 
    Al Pacino, 
    Kristen Wiig
  • Animation, Comedy, Family
  • 98 MIN
  • 04 July 2013

Gru, the girls, Dr. Nefario and the unpredictably hilarious minions return, along with a host of new characters.

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Again - we (me & my son TK) really really enjoyed this movie just as much as the 1st Despicable Me - you so have to love the minions (they are so cute & funny), oh and also Gru, the girls and Agent Lucy, very entertaining and again a lot of action
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pretty fun~ like it
I recommend it to anyone, really enjoyed watching this movie. thumbs up :)
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It's Ok, but not good as the first one.
Absolutely hilarious film! Great fun for the whole family, and an amazing treat for the kids
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Hilarious through out! Minios are cute!
love the movie i would see it again
Great movie, had a very good time! Lots of laugh, love it!
lol movie great to watch
It was such a funny movie. I loved it from start time finish. Awesome.
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cool movie
Was a good movie, entertaining enough. Felt it pushed the success of the minions in the first film a little too much but had a good storyline and I enjoyed watching it.
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good for a laugh
Awesome movie..loved it
i loved it! its was awesome
Nothing much to say about this movie
Totally enjoyed watching this with my grandchildren! Would definitely go back to watch a 2nd time!
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Was okay, not as ggod as the first....way too much focus on the monions which took away from the story and the main characters; may just be overload of the minion run games my kids play, but all in all very entertaining.
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loved it awesome movie
Is a great movie for kids and a great sequel to the first movie. I personally didn't enjoy it as much as the first one but the minions still bring lots of laughs and my son loved it!
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loved it! hard to beat the first one but still good fun!
a good family movie to enjoy with the young ones (or young at heart =P).
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just too cool
Not quite as good as the first but still lots of fun. Gotta love the minnions!
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It's such a sweet movie to watch! Heaps of laughs, love it! :)
Disappointed. Not nearly as charming as the original and was definitely dumbed down. OK for kids, but not so great for adults/teens.
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good story. it was ok.
Young one lasted 10mins and was bored
Loved it. Most funniest movie ever. Minions Rock.
This movie made me laugh so much! Great movie.
Too funny! My kids loved the dancing minions hehe
good movie. was laughing the whole time. overall, i enjoyed it and would recommend others to watch it.
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Greater variety in plot content compared to the original Despicable Me. However the the minions may have been too much of a focus throughout the film. All in all a fantastic film though!
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Great movie a lot of fun for all ages a lot of laughs
A pretty solid sequel, MINIONS!
Truely hilarious! Not quite at the level of the first one, but a great movie non the less. Great story to follow the initial plot and much more minion exposure so good times!!!
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adorable and super funny! the cutest movie by far.
Ever funny and love watch to all to the last second
Great movie for the kids and us older children :) funny. must see !
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Excellent family for young and young at heart - some real laugh out loud moments and exciting throughout. Recommended to all!
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Very funny!! Love the Minions!!
Kids loved it
Great movie to see with a child! Lots of fun and enjoyable. Could laugh a lot with my daughter.^^
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Funny intresting world to explore!
I highly enjoyed this movie and laughed heaps!! It was so good I wouldn't hesitate to watch it again. Thanks Hoytes for a great movie.
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Fantastic follow on from Despicable Me. A great ending for Mr Gru and his 3 girls :)
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Love the minions. Great for kids - but not as good as the first movie.
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Watched it with the whole family and we enjoyed it!
Very funny
just as good as the first
We loved it ! So funny , definetely will see it again
Great fun, lots of humour, very enjoyable for big and small!!
Was okay, Despicable Me 1 was better
KIds loved it!
Very funny movie, enjoyed by the whole family. Kids laughed thru out
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Cameron (8) and I saw this movie and I hadn't even seen the first one. I was giggling like a child. Highly rec.
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Nice clean, fun, family movie with heaps of laughs! Hope they do another one - perhaps how the minions came about!
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Very funny - Good family movie
loved funny.
Absolutely the Best movie to take the kids to see during the school holidays , I enjoyed it so much !
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awesome movie highly recommended, the kids had a ball! there are not many movies that bring out a 2nd that are any good but this one is almost better than the 1st in my opinion and to top it off the kids loved it
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This movie was very funny with laughs and humour for the whole family
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An excellent movie for all ages. Some great laugh at loud moments and a feel good story. One of the best animation movies and very good for a sequel. Up there with Ice Age and Finding Nemo in enjoyability.
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Loved the movie-so funny..and the children loved it too! Love the minions..Wish I had a bunch of them :)
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Loved it! More minions in this one =)
Good 2D movie,would see again in 3D
Although it was very obvious story line, character were so cute to watch. Good enough :)
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Very funny movie . recommend it
Minions: BEE DO BEE DO BEE DO! Awesome movie lol
Such a awesome and funny two girls loved it to pieces and my 1year old son boi stayed seated and interested for almost the entire it!!!!!!
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Expected to enjoy this movie and was not disappointed. Lots of nods to other block busters currently in the cinema including an amazing homage to War Z. Great for the whole family - saw this at a mums with bubs screening and loved it!
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Fun, but not nearly as good as the original.
Awesome family movie. Very funny, yet had a moral to it. Enjoyed this movie.
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did i suddenly grow up? not really sure what is up... thought this still cutesy and endearing but found myself falling asleep and snoring... maybe i was just all tired out so will see again and re-suss it out!
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So funny!!! Yay for free tickets with Hoyts rewards so we could see a movie :)
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A good follow up from the first instalment. Enjoyable for all ages.
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Absolutely great - especially the minions. Slightly predictable, hence the 4 stars instead of 5. Also enjoyed the cheeky salute to an Atari game I remember playing in my teens (climbing up the circular tower).
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I went along with 5yr twins. They appeared to be engaged throughout most of it. The 3 star rating would have to include a wriggle factor for young viewers. My bookends started wriggling around approximately halfway through when there perhaps was a bit more dialogue that caused them to lose...
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Resilient in its daftness, reliable in its silliness, Despicable Me is on the threshold of franchise-status with this likable sequel. Steve Carell again voices Gru, the once-evil genius who has gone over to the side of light. He is recruited by the Anti-Villain League, led by a corpulent Englishman...
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