The Butler

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The Butler

  • Lee Daniels
  • Forest Whitaker, 
    David Oyelowo, 
    Lenny Kravitz
  • Biography, Drama
  • 132 MIN
  • 07 November 2013

An African-American's eyewitness accounts of notable events of the 20th century during his tenure as a White House butler.

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This is very thought provoking movie,it shows just how much we have moved on over the last 40 odd years
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Forest Whitaker & Oprah Winfrey were awesome. Shame it didn't show more of the White House secrets that The Butler saw / heard. Worth a look.
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Great movie
What a sensational movie - it was well acted, great story and a fabulous way to learn all about history for those of us not lucky to learn it the first time around. A must see.
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One of the best historical films have seen which cleverly outlined the adverse impact of USA slavery. Also clearly displaying the genuine courage of a person who dedicated his life to appropriately changing (also vastly improving) the system of ethnic cultural discrimination throughout America.
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Very good!
Amazing movie very inspiring
Enjoyed this movie. Excellent parts played by all the presidents, and Nancy Reagen.
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Oprah Winfrey sure did put on a great show i kinda knew she could act....but how well, i did not know... lovely cameos from some steady old hands and faces... Fonda, Rickman, Williams, Cusack and the gang with all their graces... Forest Whitaker was good as well in his role.. inspiring story...
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Good watch has some history about the civil right movement. Good casting, Oprah is fantastic. Good storyline & true to life storyline .
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what a brillant movie. loved it. well acted to the end. what that poor man went through from start to finish. a wife who drank to much and having an affair with a friend. a son who he thought was up to no good but instead was trying to help his people. and his youngest son who died in the war. it...
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Sad but true story. Really enjoyed, great movie
Movie of the year and this generation!
This might be the most honest version of USA historical information that I've ever seen. It was well worth watching.
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Very interesting to watch.
Excellent. History beautifully told through pain, sorrow and dignity. Story long overdue - the dark side of America's underlying hate and prejudice. Power misused and arrogance it feeds when life is never equal and the price paid to keep alive.
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A truly beautiful movie, haunting and so real.
Fantastic movie with great presentation of the American Blacks in USA.
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