(IFF) Third Man, The

(IFF) Third Man, The


  • Carol Reed
  • Joseph Cotton (Holly Martins), 
    Alida Valli (Anna Schmidt), 
    Orson Welles (Harry Lime), 
    Trevor Howard (Major Calloway), 
    Bernard Lee (Sergeant Paine), 
    Paul Hoerbiger (Karl, 
    Harry’s porter), 
    Ernst Deutsch (‘Baron’ Kurtz), 
    Siegfried Breuer (Popescu), 
    Erich Ponto (Dr. Winkel), 
    Wilfrid Hyde-White (Crabbin), 
    Hedwig Bleibtreu (Anna’s old landlady)
  • Film Festival, Thriller
  • 104 MIN
  • 03 May 2014

Ranked first in the British Film Institute’s wide-reaching, end-of-century survey of British cinema, The Third Man is film noir with rare pedigree: director Carol Reed and actor Orson Welles bring sinister flamboyance to novelist Graham Greene’s literate, perfectly structured thriller script. The setting is devastated post-war Vienna, where American pulp writer Holly Martins (Joseph Cotten) has been summoned by his old school friend Harry Lime (Welles). But Harry, it seems, is no longer alive. With a sceptical British Army major (Trevor Howard) and a mysterious actress suggesting possible lines of enquiry, Martins is lured into a criminal underworld of macabre decadence.

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