La La Land

15+ Mature Accompanied


  • Offensive language
  • Damien Chazelle
  • Ryan Gosling, 
    Emma Stone, 
    Amiée Conn
  • Comedy, Drama, Musical
  • 128 MIN
  • 26 December 2016

“A primary coloured explosion of pure delight.” The Playlist

“It has been a very long time since we have seen something quite this lyrical, lovely, and most importantly, original on the screen.” Deadline

A huge hit with audiences and critics, La La Land is an exhilarating, music-filled romance starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. In modern day Los Angeles, two ambitious artists who fall in love – one a dedicated musician, the other an aspiring actress – chase their dreams and discover the joy and heartbreak of risking it all for your passion. Daring, enchanting and moving, La La Land re-invents the Hollywood classic for a new age, creating the kind of movie magic that sends you out of the cinema on a high.



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I had goosebumps throughout this spectacular movie! I was absolutely blown away. This movie had everything! The singing, the choreography, the acting, not to mention the excellent direction. I left the cinema wanting more! It deserves every award it receives! I have seen this movie 3 times at the...
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This movie blew me away, I am not a massive fan of Musicals but it is so charming and a real love letter to Hollywood, in the best possible way. The performances are great and the music is amazing. Put it this way, I am a massive Star Wars fan and this is my favourite movie of 2016.
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