15+ Mature Accompanied


  • Adult themes
  • Tran Anh Hung
  • Audrey Tautou, 
    Bérénice Bejo, 
    Mélanie Laurent, 
    Jérémie Renier, 
    Pierre Deladonchamps, 
    Irène Jacob, 
    Arieh Worthalter
  • Drama, Film Festival
  • 115 MIN
  • 02 March 2017

At the end of the 19th century, Valentine (Audrey Tautou, also in The Odyssey), marries Jules (Arieh Worthalter). About 100 years later, her great-great-granddaughter runs across a bridge in Paris and into the arms of the man she loves. In the intervening century, men and women meet, fall in love, and embrace, thus fulfilling romantic destinies, and sowing the seeds of a family tree, an eternity.

Over four generations of women, from mothers to daughters, Tran Anh Hung (The Scent of Green Papaya) captures moments of existence, which form the chain of life. It is the director’s first French language film, based on the novel L’élégance des veuves by Alice Ferney.

With a star-studded cast, the film has a gentle beauty about it that will touch your soul.

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