Parental Guidance


  • Violence, coarse language, some scenes may disturb
  • Lola Doillon
  • Léonie Souchaud, 
    Fantine Hardouin, 
    Juliane Lepoureau, 
    Ryan Brodie, 
    Cécile de France
  • Adventure, Childrens, Film Festival
  • 95 MIN
  • 02 March 2017

Fanny, only 12 years old is tough. But, most of all, she is a courageous young girl who, hidden in a home far from her parents, must take care of her two younger sisters. Forced
to flee in a rush, Fanny becomes the head of a group of eight children and sets out on a dangerous mission across occupied France towards the Swiss border.

Between fear, outbursts of laughter, and unexpected encounters, the small group learns about independence and discovers friendship and solidarity.

Told from the perspective of children, Fanny’s Journey breaches the difficult subject of the persecution of Jews during World War Two in occupied France. Inspired by a true story, the film reflects the cruel reality of that time, but tells an exceptional tale of bravery, strength and survival. The non- professional child actors convincingly convey the power of childhood beliefs and their joy of life, which makes this film a compelling story of friendship.

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