15+ Mature Accompanied


  • Offensive language
  • Jonathan Barré
  • Grégoire Ludig, 
    David Marsais, 
    Nicolas Marié
  • TBC
  • 98 MIN
  • 02 March 2017

Max and Léon are childhood friends. Lazy and with a love
to party, they try to avoid World War Two conscription by all means. In a film rife with slapstick physical comedy, Max and Léon become embroiled in an escalating line of ridiculous schemes. Follow along as they travel the world in reluctant and blundering support of the war effort, with the simple desire to do one thing: return safely to their home.

Max & Leon marks director Jonathan Barré’s first feature- length work and fully displays his sense of humour. Grégoire Ludig and David Marsais are delightful as the titular lifelong friends, employing sidesplitting physical theatre in the context of a believable and moving friendship. They make up the celebrated comedic duo Palmashow and co-wrote the screenplay of Max & Leon with Barré.

Max & Leon follows closely in the footsteps of eternal French comedy classic Don’t Look Now... We’re Being Shot At
(La Grande Vadrouille, 1966) that for over 40 years (until the release of Welcome to the Sticks in 2008) was the most successful French film in France. Described as version 2.0. of that classic, Max & Leon is sure to have audiences laughing with delight!

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