15+ Mature Accompanied


  • Violence & offensive language
  • Roschdy Zem
  • Omar Sy, 
    James Thiérrée, 
    Noémie Lvovsky, 
    Clothilde Hesme, 
    Olivier Gourmet
  • Biography, Drama, Film Festival
  • 119 MIN
  • 02 March 2017

From circus to theatre, from anonymity to fame, this film follows the incredible destiny of Chocolat the clown, the first black stage performer in France. This is the singular story of an exceptional artist. The unprecedented duo he forms with Footit is very popular in Belle Époque Paris, until easy money, gambling, and discrimination take their toll on their friendship and Chocolat’s career.

Actor-Director Roschdy Zem is known for being involved in films with historical and societal themes (such as Indigènes – Days of Glory). In Monsieur Chocolat – based on a true story
– he deftly mixes incredible feats and uplifting moments with thought-provoking themes of racism and the corrupting power of fame.

Omar Sy (Samba – Festival 2015, The Intouchables) and James Thiérrée (grandson of Charlie Chaplin) astonish with powerful and heartbreaking interpretations and jaw-dropping performances – nothing short of magical.

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