• Violence, offensive language & sex scenes
  • Léa Fehner

  • Adèle Haenel, 
    Marc Barbé, 
    Lola Dueñas, 
    François Fehner, 
    Marion Bouvarel, 
    Inès Fehner
  • Comedy, Drama, Film Festival
  • 139 MIN
  • 02 March 2017

Ogres plunges the audience into the vibrant and eccentric world of a troupe of travelling performers, who bring magic and hilarity along with them as they move from place to place. The complex dynamics of this family of misfits is shaken up when a former romantic dalliance re-enters the scene, and a pregnancy promises to bring both joy and new tensions.

The title of this feature reflects the explosive, erratic existence of this group of eccentric performers. With an appetite for life, in part monstrous and violent, the ‘ogres’ act out, restage their passions, desires, and disappointments on the circus scene spreading into their real lives.

Drawing on her own biographical experiences in her parents’ travelling circus, Léa Fehner casts several members of her family, including her father François Fehner as the group’s patriarch. Adèle Haenel (also in The Unknown Girl) delights with her particular blend of realism and vulnerability in her role as expectant mother Mona.

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