15+ Mature Accompanied


  • Sex scenes & offensive language
  • Fred Cavayé
  • Danny Boon, 
    Noémie Schmidt, 
    Laurence Arné, 
    Patrick Ridremont
  • Comedy, Film Festival
  • 90 MIN
  • 02 March 2017

Dany Boon stars in this raucous comedy as François Gautier, a talented musician with a fatal flaw – he is a penny pincher! Every aspect of his life is calculated to the last detail to be
as inexpensive as possible. Everything changes when an attractive new musician in his orchestra enters the scene. François is further challenged when a daughter he never knew he had comes unexpectedly into his life. Forced to lie to cover up his faults, this is just the start of François’ problems, and his wallet begins to suffer the consequences of his deceit...

Dany Boon, famous for his role in Welcome to the Sticks, France’s biggest box office smash to date, wows audiences once again under Fred Cavayé’s direction, with his hilarious interpretation of the uptight and neurotic François. Noémie Schmidt (The Student and Mr Henri – Festival 2016) plays the naive and trustful daughter with refreshing charm. With riotous humour, and vibrant and hilarious characterisation, Penny Pincher! is highly enjoyable family entertainment.

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