• Violence, sexual violence & offensive language
  • Emmanuelle Bercot
  • Catherine Deneuve, 
    Rod Paradot, 
    Benoît Magimel, 
    Sara Forestier, 
    Diane Rouwel
  • Drama, Film Festival
  • 119 MIN
  • 02 March 2017

Abandoned by his mother at the age of 6, Malony is constantly in and out of juvenile court. An adoptive family grows around this young delinquent: Florence, a children’s magistrate nearing retirement, and Yann, a caseworker and himself the survivor of a very difficult childhood. Together they follow the boy’s journey and try unfailingly to save him. When Malony is sent to a stricter educational center, he meets Tess, who will show him that there are reasons for hope.

The multi-talented Emmanuelle Bercot excels as both a director and as an actress (Best Actress at Cannes 2015 for Mon Roi – Festival 2016). Drawing on her uncle’s experience with children and the court system, Bercot explores Malony’s story as a vehicle for comments on the French justice system as a whole. Rod Paradot’s electric lead performance adds a gritty reality to his role as Malony. Benoît Magimel (also in 150 Milligrams) brings an emotional depth to his role of substitute father. Screen legend Catherine Deneuve stands out in her very nuanced performance of a judge who trusts in the qualities of every human being.

This journey of a young delinquent reminds us of François Truffaut’s classic 400 Blows (1959), but set in a harsher and more grim modern-day society.

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