NZIFF - Manhattan

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NZIFF - Manhattan


  • Woody Allen
  • Woody Allen, 
    Diane Keaton, 
    Michael Murphy, 
    Mariel Hemingway, 
    Meryl Streep, 
    Anne Byrne, 
    Karen Ludwig, 
    Michael O’Donoghue
  • Classic, Film Festival, Romance
  • 97 MIN
  • 06 May 2017

Shot in ravishing black & white and backed by an all-Gershwin score, Woody Allen’s romantic comedy from 1979 surely earns its title: it is one of the cinema’s great odes to New York. It’s also Allen’s best and definitive film. Fretful as ever, his character is a TV comedy writer aspiring to something more serious. His wife (a formidable Meryl Streep) has dumped him for another woman and will dissect their marriage in her forthcoming book. He’s dating a much younger woman (Mariel Hemingway), but when Diane Keaton trashes his taste in art he’s smitten. Should it make a difference that her current boyfriend (Michael Murphy) and his wife are our hero’s best friends? Amongst this indelible cast 18-year-old Hemingway dominated the headlines for her lustrous embodiment of Allen’s romantic idealisation of uncomplicated youth – a notion that causes more embarrassment in his character than it seemed to in audiences at the time. The one-liners come as fast as the signifiers of 70s cosmopolitan sophistication, but there’s an undertow of sadness, a recognition of loss that undercuts even self-satire. The new 4K digital print is scanned from the original camera negative. 

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