FFF Jealous

15+ Mature Accompanied


  • Offensive language
  • David Foenkinos, Stéphane Foenkinos
  • Karin Viard, 
    Dara Tombroff, 
    Anaïs Demoustier, 
    Anne Dorval, 
    Thibault de Montalembert, 
    Bruno Todeschini
  • Film Festival
  • TBC
  • 02 March 2018

Language: French with English subtitles

Almost overnight, Nathalie Pêcheux, a middle-aged divorced university professor, changes from being an affectionate woman to being irrepressibly jealous of everyone close to her: her best friend, her new colleague, her ex-husband, her neighbours and even her daughter Mathilde, an aspiring ballet dancer. Entangled by her sarcastic nature and conflicted emotions, Nathalie navigates through this unexpected mid-life crisis in a funny, touching... and politically incorrect way.

A portrayal of a woman's radical and unexpected shift of character that oscillates between black comedy and psychological thriller.

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