Movie Genres

Action Action

From knife-flinging and punch-throwing, to martial arts, car-chases and killer robots, strap yourself in for the ultimate action blockbuster fix.

9 Action movies
Adventure Adventure

Swashbuckler, historical, medieval, fantasy, superheroes, science-fiction – go on epic quests with courageous heroes as they explore exotic locations and battle dangerous tyrants.

12 Adventure movies
Comedy Comedy

Feel like a fun night out? Nothing beats going to the cinema for a good laugh and with comedy flicks like this showing, that’s a guarantee.

21 Comedy movies
Drama Drama

Experience the spectrum of human emotion and dramatic themes with these brilliant films that aren’t afraid to explore life’s biggest questions.

33 Drama movies
Thriller Thriller

Adrenaline-rush activated! Soak in every suspense-filled moment with a thriller (warning: may cause you to chew your fingernails).

11 Thriller movies
Animation Animation

It’s another strong year for animated movies, so laugh, cry and sing along with all of your favourite characters on the big screen.

8 Animation movies
Asian Asian

Over the last few years, Asian cinema has reached the far corners of the world, and people everywhere have realised the region had something truly unique to offer.

3 Asian movies
Bollywood Bollywood

Bollywood it's a nickname for the most popular cinema on the planet: the Hindi-language film industry based in Bombay (aka Mumbai), India.

1 Bollywood movie
Horror Horror

You’ll scream, you’ll gasp and you’ll shrink back in your seat with these hair-raisers – fear not, you’ll love every minute.

2 Horror movies
Musical Musical

The songs. The dance sequences. The costumes. Watching a musical at the cinema is a delight for any movie devotee.

3 Musical movies
Romance Romance

Fall in love all over again with the latest romantic movies stealing our hearts – just don’t forget to bring tissues.

3 Romance movies
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