Candy Bar

A trip to the movies wouldn’t be complete without your favourite candy bar snacks. Complement your movie magic with snack heaven, from warm freshly popped salty popcorn, to choc-top ice creams and your favourite confectionary. Quench your thirst and wash down your snacks with a drink of your choice. Feeling like something a little more? Opt for our hot food range including pizza, hot chips or garlic bread to take into the cinema with you.

*Hot food selection only available at select HOYTS cinemas.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Food & Beverage items may be purchased at our Candy Bar, our mobile vending carts or satellite candy bars in cinema. On our customer facing screens our prices are displayed on a rotating list, which displays the prices for all our food and beverage items. Additionally we have static signage in frames on our wall which lists ticket pricing and the pricing for our non promotional candy bar items. While these sources are all available on display our team members remain of importance in conveying pricing and we’ve found that discussing candy bar choices with our crew members can benefit our guests as the items requested may be of greater value when applied to a promotional combo. Due to varying pricing structures we do not promote our food and beverage pricing on the website.

  • HOYTS Popcorn Ingredients & Nutrition per 25g serve: Seed: Raw corn Oil: Coconut oil and flavouring 160A Salt: Colour 102 – tartrazine   Energy – 500kj Protein – 2g Fat Total – 6.15g Saturated Fat – 5.03g Carbohydrate – 12.73g Sugars – 1.2g Sodium – 240mg   Approximate KJ information for our current popcorn sizing includes: Snack: 980kJ Small: 2200kJ Regular: 3400kJ Large: 4200kJ Xtreme/Share: 6600kJ ***Please note however,  Estimate figures based on our regular popcorn. Subject to seasonal, preparation and cinema variation. Corn is grown in Australia. As humidity and time of year for corn growth will change the size in which it will ultimately pop.   Our popcorn is Kosher, Vegetarian, Vegan and suitable for Coeliacs. As there is no gluten, wheat or lactose present.