Rewarding you all day, every day with HOYTS Rewards

Save 25% on movie tickets as a HOYTS Rewards VIP

HOYTS Rewards VIPs save 25% on movie tickets, save 10% at the Candy Bar, earn double HOYTS Points and more! Join for just $15 p.a.

Save 10% on movie tickets as a HOYTS Rewards Member

Become a HOYTS Rewards Member for FREE and save 10% on movie tickets, earn HOYTS Points and more!

Plus great perks for all members

  • $12 Movie of the Week See our selected Movie of the Week for just $12*! Find out more
  • Discounted movie tickets for Seniors Members aged 60+ have access to movie tickets from $10 for sessions commencing before 5pm. Find out more
  • Earn HOYTS Points Earn HOYTS Points on movie tickets, Candy Bar treats and more! Earn double points as a VIP Member.
  • Birthday Rewards Receive free birthday rewards each year! Choose between a small popcorn or postmix drink.
  • Free popcorn refills Purchase any sized popcorn or combo and get complimentary same day refills.

*Excludes online booking fee and special event tickets. 60+ tickets: HOYTS Rewards VIPs can enjoy $10 tickets and HOYTS Rewards Members on the free tier can access $11.50 movie tickets. ^Excludes Gift Cards, vouchers and merchandise. ~HOYTS Fair Go policy applies. Full Terms and Conditions of membership should be read before joining. For FAQ’s please visit HOYTS Help Centre.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We offer 2 membership tiers:  HOYTS Rewards Member and HOYTS Rewards VIP ($15 annual fee), each with their own set of benefits.

  • Rewarding you all day, every day! That’s what the new HOYTS Rewards is all about. Click the below links for more information on HOYTS Rewards benefits:    HOYTS Rewards Australia  HOYTS Rewards New Zealand

  • You can join HOYTS Rewards Standard for FREE online, via the HOYTS App or in cinema To join HOYTS Rewards you must have a valid Australian or New Zealand email address, a valid mobile number and must be 14 years of age or older.

  • We have a range of offers available for HOYTS Rewards Members to redeem on their next visit.  Below are links to more information on each of our different offers, so that you can learn more about the benefits of each and how to redeem. Movie of the Week (Click HERE) Seniors Offers (Click HERE)Qantas Points (Click HERE)HOYTS Jnr Tickets (Click HERE)   Additional Partner Offers (available to all guests) Student Edge (Click HERE)Foxtel Rewards (Click HERE)Ticketek Tuesdays (Click HERE)Anytime Fitness Members (Click HERE)St Kilda Members (Click HERE)   Please note that session times and availability may very between locations.

  • If you are a HOYTS Rewards Standard member, you will now become a HOYTS Rewards Member. If you are a HOYTS Rewards Premium or Plus member, you will now become a HOYTS Rewards VIP, at no additional cost. Importantly, if you are a HOYTS Rewards Premium member, you will be moved to the HOYTS Rewards VIP Tier, and you will continue to have access to HOYTS LUX benefits until your membership renews.

  • HOYTS Reward members are entitled to free popcorn refills as part of their membership on the same day as a popcorn is purchased at HOYTS either outright or as part of a combo. To redeem a free popcorn refill: Purchase a popcorn either outright or as part of a combo and scan or enter your membership card as part of the transaction. Return the empty popcorn container to a team member at the candy bar point of sale and request a popcorn refill. Scan your HOYTS Rewards membership. A HOYTS crew member will then replace your empty popcorn container with a full one of the same size. Promotional popcorn containers will not be replaced instead, a standard popcorn container of the same or similar size will be provided. Popcorn refills are provided under a Fair Go policy where HOYTS Reserves the right in its sole discretion to refuse to refill a members popcorn where it is believed the benefit / offer is being abused and / or the refills are not for personal use or are being unreasonably shared with other groups / people. Free Popcorn refills can be claimed up to 30 minutes after the last advertised session of the day. Free popcorn refills not available for HOYTS Gourmet Popcorn Range

  • HOYTS Rewards Members age 60+ can access a selection of discounted food, drink items as well as discounted movie tickets.   HOYTS Rewards VIP Members aged 60+ are able to purchase up to two (2) $10 movie tickets per day and up to two (2) discounted food and drink items per day HOYTS Rewards Members on the free tier aged 60+ are able to purchase up to two (2) $11.50 movie tickets per day and up to two (2) discounted food and drink items per day   The discounted ticket offer is available on all mainstream sessions prior to 5:00PM Monday to Sunday. Surcharges and online booking fees may apply. The offer does not apply for sessions at HOYTS LUX. For more information, visit or   To access these special rewards for Members 60+, you will need to add your date of birth to your HOYTS Rewards account.   To add your date of birth: Login to your account Click on the symbol in the to right corner and select 'My Account'. Move to the Date Of Birth section and enter your date of birth (DD/MM/YYYY) e.g. 02/07/1954 or use the calendar to select your date of birth. Click the update button to save the details A confirmation will be displayed confirming the entered details have been saved