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The Way, My Way

100 min | 16 May 2024

Coarse language

The charming, captivating true story of an Australian man's transformative experience walking the Camino de Santiago & the people he meets that changed his life forever.

THE WAY, MY WAY is the charming and captivating true story of a stubborn, self-centred Australian man who decides to walk the 800-kilometre-long Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route through Spain. He doesn’t know why he’s doing it… but one step at a time, it will change him and his outlook on life forever. Based on Bill Bennett’s best-selling memoir of the same name.

Bill Bennett
Jennifer Cluff, Chris Haywood, Laura Lakshmi, Pia Thunderbolt
Drama, Comedy
PG (Coarse language)
Release Date
16 May 2024
100 min